Sanchi Credit Opportunities Fund (SCOF)

This is a credit multi-strategy fund which invests primarily in two strategies:


A. Quantitative Credit Strategy (QCS) : Systematic

B. Fundamental Credit Strategy (FCS) : Discretionary

The allocations between both strategies is flexible but QCS is the primary strategy. SCOF allocates most of its capital to QCS. FCS is the secondary strategy used opportunistically during sharp credit market dislocations.

Target Return : ~25% p.a (net of all fees & expenses), in any 5-year period

This fund provides meaningful and differentiated returns compared to any credit/fixed income public market fund. Fund was launched on July 1st, 2022.

Key positives of the fund :

  1. ​Liquid and scalable 

  2. Fixed income instruments that trade in public markets in the United States

  3. No leverage

  4. No OTC or exchange traded derivatives

  5. No currency risk (only USD securities)

  6. Sharpe ratio > 1.5

  7. No lock-up

  8. Zero management fees

  9. Hard hurdle rate 5% (annual compounding)

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