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Quantitative Credit Strategy

Separately Managed Account - V

(A) Performance* (%)

(B) Sharpe Ratio :  -0.8

(C) Sortino Ratio :  -1.0

(D) Positive Months :  50%

Date of inception : 10th March, 2023

Date of closure : 23rd June, 2023

*Performance is "Gross returns", before fees (TWRR) for all, except SMA - V (which is net of fees)

*US Agg (LBUSTRUU Index) :The Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index is an unmanaged, market-value weighted index comprised of taxable U.S. investment grade, fixed rate bond market securities, including government, government agency, corporate, asset-backed, and mortgage-backed securities between one and 10 years

*BBB Index (LCB1TRUU) : Baa rated fixed-rate taxable corporate bonds issued by US & non-US issuers

*HY Index (LF98TRUU) : High yield fixed-rate corporate bonds in US markets

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