Quantitative Credit Strategy

This strategy is offered in collaboration with fintech firm BANACH TECHNOLOGIES


Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) : Managed Account

Target Return : ~25% p.a (net of all fees & expenses), in any 5-year period

(Strategy does not use leverage)

Separately Managed Account - I

Date of inception : 19th April, 2022

(A)  Performance (%)

(B) Sharpe Ratio :  2.9

(D) Positive Months :  100%

(C) Sortino Ratio :  5.1

*S&P 500 (SPXT Index) : S&P total return index. Includes price changes and reinvested dividends

*US Agg (LBUSTRUU Index) : Broad based index. Includes Treasuries, govt/corporate securities, MBS, ABS & CMBS

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